Gilly Balmer





Gilly Balmer has been working as a recruitment specialist for over 16 years within the Irish market. In 2006 Gilly established her own business to work independently and more importantly as a recruitment partner to her clients.

Gilly is particularly enthusiastic when working with Ireland’s Charity / NGO Sector and for this reason the majority of her time is now spent recruiting within this space. She continues however to be retained by many of the commercial clients with whom she has enjoyed working since her business was established 9 years ago.

Recruitment Disciplines:

  • General Management / C-Suite
  • Fundraising
  • Development 
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Project Management
  • Accountancy
  • Administration

Having successfully placed candidates in the most complex of positions Gilly has the ability to fully comprehend the requirements for any position and welcomes such challenges with open arms.

What makes Gilly different?

The traditional approach used by the majority of recruitment agencies whereby CV’s are sent to clients from a database can be a hit or miss affair and often depends on luck as opposed to process which is NOT how Gilly works.

Instead -

  • Gilly meets every client for a CONSULTATION prior to commencing the recruitment process to ensure a deep understanding of the philosophy, culture and strategic objectives of each organisation.
  • Gilly HEADHUNTS for suitable candidates as part of her search process in addition to advertising and database search.  Headhunting is usually charged as a higher separate fee by other agencies. This is not the case with Gilly and it is incorporated into the management of every project she undertakes.
  • With a professional qualification in PSYCHOANALYTIC STUDIES, Gilly has the ability to screen candidates in a way that perhaps gives her an edge on other recruiters.
  • Gilly THOROUGHLY INTERVIEWS all candidates privately prior to introducing them to her clients. In addition she provides clear, informative interview reports for each candidate she selects.
  • A maximum SELECTION of four to five 1ST CLASS CANDIDATES are presented to the client following first round interviews.
  • Gilly often leads second and final round interviews for her clients through PANEL PARTICIPATION, devising appropriate interview questions and scoring systems and assisting with decision-making.
  • Most importantly, Gilly is hugely PASSIONATE about her business and is proud to stand over the candidates she puts forward.